Worker's Compensation

Being injured, in pain, and waiting on worker’s comp to approve treatment and mail checks is stressful. Worrying about the future of your job is stressful. Not making as much money as you’re used to is stressful.

Hiring an Attorney:

  • clarifies your options
  • lets an expert guide the claim process
  • protects and defends your rights
  • secures an advocate for your future
  • lets you focus on healing

What stood out to me the most was that you always assured me that I could call you at anytime, and that made me feel at ease.

— Lilla Tennyson

Employers and insurers have nurse case managers, adjusters, peer reviews, and the treating physician all working with them on every case. You, as an injured employee, might have your treating physician, your family members for emotional support, and maybe other co-workers who have been injured on the job. But you don’t have a professional to give you advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need to hire an attorney?

  • Your employer offers you paperwork to sign to close out the case, but you still need treatment.
  • Your employer refuses to let you see a doctor for your injury.
  • Your employer fires you without letting you seek treatment.
  • You were hurt at work so badly that you can’t return to work, but you aren’t getting paid benefits.
  • Your employer refuses to pay for your medical bills and are telling you to file on your own health insurance, instead.

What are the benefits of hiring an attorney?

  • An expert advocates for you.
  • Your employer refuses to let you see a doctor for your injury.
  • No tense conversations with adjusters.
  • No going weeks without hearing news about your claim.
  • You can focus on healing.

How do I know if I need to hire an attorney?

  • We Would
  • Discuss your situation
  • Review your legal options
  • Choose the best action strategy
  • Michael Would
  • Listen carefully to your story, hopes, and concerns
  • Learn how an injury has affected you and how he can help you
  • Outline all your options
  • We Would
  • Decide on the best choice for yourself and your family
  • Michael Would
  • Give you a game plan for your immediate legal issues
  • Outline ways he’ll guide your claim as it progresses

I loved how you explained the process and how easy it was to talk to you. I also appreciated the friendliness of you and your staff, the convenience of speaking with you, and just happy to see you willing to help.

— Markeela Daniels

As you reach important decisions, you can meet with Michael again to make sure you feel confident about what’s happening in your case.